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Moving Home!

Not in the physical sense, but imageplant will be moving to a new location with a new name later this year. Website hosting has gone up in price and Adobe offer free hosting to Creative Cloud subscribers so I'm building a new site there. The name will change too. Time to trade under my own name and stop hiding behind the image plant brand. Follow me on Facebook (link at the foot of the page) to make sure you get notified of the release date. There will be new photos as well as some old favourites.

The new e-mail address for photography will be [email protected] - the on will stop working once the site is transferred.

Pandemic Blues (& Folk, etc.)

Odd that, with all the "spare" time I've had over the last year, I feel like I haven't actually done very much. Finally got round to uploading some more images to this site from last year's, socially distanced, Beardy Folk Festival. I expect you are as surprised as Simon Care (below) seems to be! As ever, follow me on FB (link below) for latest updates.


Happy New Year

Well, 2020 was a strange one. Most people will not be sorry to see the end of a year that caused so much distress and misery to so many people. Here's hoping for a brighter, healthier and more productive 2021.

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Crimsworth-5716 copy

Beardy Folk Festival

Beardy Folk Festival is a new, beautifully crafted, Midsummer music weekend set in a secret walled garden, boasting a brilliant line up of contemporary, traditional & acoustic indie folk music, food court, real ale, cider and cocktail bars and family fun. Or so the ad said. Then along come Covid-19. The festival was postponed until 17-20th September and many doubted that it would happen. But it did. Beardy Dave and his team achieved what would have been thought of as impossible (and frankly unnecessary) a year ago. A safe, socially distanced music festival that complied with all the pandemic regulations but was still an amazing experience for artists and audience alike.

More pictures to follow but here are Hannah Martin and John Spiers performing as part of Gigspanner Big Band.


Missing Live Music

One of the things I have missed most during the "unprecedented" period of restrictions is live music. I'm hoping that at least one festival will be able to take place this year. Meanwhile, here is Ian Siegal playing the blues from a few years ago.

BotF 2010 0479


Go to Madeira they said. It will be lovely they said. So on Friday 13 (we should have known better) we set off to Funchal. Unfortunately, this was a couple of days ahead of the COVID-19 lockdown that was progressively imposed across Europe. So not the pictures we were hoping for as travel was severely limited and, by the middle of the week, almost everything was closed.

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