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Southampton International 2015 and other stories

The judges at this year's Southampton International Exhibition were kind to me. A total of 7 acceptances across 5 classes including a Southampton Camera Club medal for a monochrome print — 'A Road Less Travelled'. This has been added to the Monochrome page. You can see a slideshow of all the award winners here.

Flushed with success I decided to upgrade my camera and replaced my trusty Pentax K-5 with the newer K-3. And promptly dropped it :-(

Although not terminally damaged, the mode dial took the brunt of the impact and was looking a bit mangled. So I am currently camera-less and waiting for a repair estimate. Oh well, I can always use my iPhone!

Being without a camera for a little while has given me the opportunity to revisit some earlier images and re-process them. Or in some cases process them for the first time. I have added a few more images to the Monochrome gallery and a couple to the Laos People collection. As a result of an online discussion about visiting South East Asia, I noticed that the link to the Vietnam page was missing from the places navigation. This has now been corrected and a sub-page added for my ARPS Travel Panel.