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HBCC Annual Print Competition

My monochrome print "Playing, Mandalay" was Highly Commended in my first year of entering Hebden Bridge Camera Club's Annual Print Competition. Happy with that! The image is a re-work of the colour version "Careful with that knife! Mandalay" which can be found on the Burma page under People. Which do you prefer?

Digital Images this week. Wish me luck!

Let there be light

For the first time since moving, I have managed to get all the lights in the house working. This is a major achievement with every other postal delivery bringing a different sort of lightbulb from one online retailer or another. We don't only need light for photography!

A couple of new images - one from a trip to Halifax Minster "A man of the Cloth" on the People page. And one nearer home -"Including the Kitchen Sink" on the Details page was taken in a workshop by the Rochdale Canal here in Hebden Bridge.

Northern noodling

Well, 4 months on and we don't regret the move! It's taking a bit longer than I would like to get the house how we want it. Getting WiFi to work reliably in all the rooms seemed oddly difficult but my Mark II network arrangement seems to be holding out (I am typing this while streaming music wirelessly from my laptop to the stereo so something is working!). I have finally catalogued all me images (well most of them!) using Lightroom. Now to try and get used to editing in Lightroom after over 15 years of using Photoshop for everything. Just a couple of new pictures this month, in the Monochrome gallery. I promise to try and add a couple every month from now on.

Relocation, relocation, relocation

My pictures may take on a more northern flavour in future as, at the end of May, we upped sticks and moved from our home of 23 years in Southampton to West Yorkshire. Another round of DIY beckons, following on from earlier efforts to make our old home saleable.

Photography will not be ignored though and I have added a set of pictures taken at this year's Heptonstall Festival. I have joined the Hebden Bridge Camera Club and look forward to meeting new photographers and sharing ideas.

Southampton International 2015 and other stories

The judges at this year's Southampton International Exhibition were kind to me. A total of 7 acceptances across 5 classes including a Southampton Camera Club medal for a monochrome print — 'A Road Less Travelled'. This has been added to the Monochrome page. You can see a slideshow of all the award winners here.

Flushed with success I decided to upgrade my camera and replaced my trusty Pentax K-5 with the newer K-3. And promptly dropped it :-(

Although not terminally damaged, the mode dial took the brunt of the impact and was looking a bit mangled. So I am currently camera-less and waiting for a repair estimate. Oh well, I can always use my iPhone!

Being without a camera for a little while has given me the opportunity to revisit some earlier images and re-process them. Or in some cases process them for the first time. I have added a few more images to the Monochrome gallery and a couple to the Laos People collection. As a result of an online discussion about visiting South East Asia, I noticed that the link to the Vietnam page was missing from the places navigation. This has now been corrected and a sub-page added for my ARPS Travel Panel.

Quiet round here

A time of great change. But not much happening! Since leaving work at the end of January (actually it's before Christmas since I actually last attended my former place of employment) I should have had lots of time to get out and take pictures, process them and update my website. The reality is somewhat different. Since we decided to sell our house and move up north, most of my time has been taken up with painting, decorating, decluttering and all the other things that TV programmes tell you are necessary to sell your house.

I have entered very few salons in the last year but did sneak a couple or three into the Yorkshire Photographic Union's first International salon. The official results are not out yet for the 2015 Southampton International (our 102nd don't you know!) but I watched some of the Nature and Travel Digital judging and should have some acceptances. For those of you within travelling distance of Southampton, why not come along to the West Quay shopping centre and see the award winning prints. The exhibition runs from Friday 13th March to Sunday 15th March.

Our now legendary January Jaunts (very cheap to rent big houses at that time of year) continued in 2015 - albeit with reduced numbers. A last minute change of house due to a malfunctioning boiler did not spoil the trip and I have added a couple of pictures to the Monochrome and Details pages.

Must take more photos….

Welcome to 2015

Belated Happy New year to everyone following this site. Imageplant will be given a makeover in the next month or two with larger images to suit higher resolution screens and a more responsive design. There might even be some new pictures!

2014 will be hard to beat though with a PSA Gold Medal for Best in Class colour print in the Southampton International for Winter Tree. This image also won SCC's Landscape competition. Winchester were kind enough to award me a trophy for PDI of the year and I also received a "Highly Commended" award in the Southern Counties Photographic Federation annual exhibition for "Teak Temple Prayers" which formed part of Winchester PS' entry.

Here's to a snappy 2015.