A world of photography

Small (and not so small) things. Photographers tend to notice detail that others walk by. So a page of patterns, shapes and textures as well as smaller details within the landscape and the built environment. I'll also put any wildlife or animal pictures here. I don't consider myself to be a nature photographer so they may be few and far between!
Cambodia 0264
Yorkshire 0165
Yorkshire 0154
Yorkshire 0143
Yorkshire 1046-Edit.jpg
Yorkshire 0168
Devon 0191.jpg
2 Blasket Kitchen
Indonesia 0214.jpg
Scotland 1114_4_5.jpg
Female atlantic grey seal
Scotland 1066_7_8.jpg
In Memory
Northumberland 0651.jpg
Adderbury 044.jpg
Scotland 0835.jpg
Scotland 1039_40_41_tonemapped.jpg
No Escape
Scotland 0551_2_3.jpg
Scotland 1108_09_10.jpg
Scotland 0271.jpg
Iceland 0098_099_100.jpg
Laos 0187.jpg
Burma 0879.jpg
Scotland 1249.jpg
Scotland 0523_4_5.jpg
Scotland 0247.jpg
Devon 0206.jpg
Scotland 0991-2 DxO.jpg
Scotland 0548_49_50.jpg
Scotland 0182_3_4v2.jpg
Scotland 0057_8_9.jpg
Laos 1114.jpg
Iceland 1156.jpg
Scotland 0454_HDR.jpg