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Heptonstall Fell Race

The Heptonstall Fell Race is run over 24.8 km/15.4 miles and includes 966 metres/3170 feet of ascent. This year's event took place in the pouring rain. These guys are running up the final hill before the finish. I got soaked just standing and watching!

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A Day At Spurn Point

Spent an enjoyable day yesterday at one of Karl Holtby's Coastal Visions workshops. Four hardy souls braved a vicious east wind on Spurn Point. Check out his images and workshops on his website

Here's a couple of mine from the day.

Yorkshire 2831 Yorkshire 2834

Complements of the Season

It has been unseasonably warm here in the Pennines for the past few days. We even have a tree in blossom! As we are currently planning our photographic "January Jaunt" for 2017 I thought I'd post an image from 2016's excursion to North Norfolk. There were not many people braving the near gale force winds when we visited Cromer Pier.

Wherever you plan to be this Christmas, and whatever your race, religion or creed, enjoy the holidays.

UPDATE - 14 December 2016. Just found out that this was one of 3 images I had accepted in the Yorkshire International Salon.

Norfolk 0283_HDR-Edit

Steampunks in Howarth

Steampunk seems to be inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Its most recognisable features utilise anachronistic technologies or inventions as people in the 19th century might have envisioned them.

Steampunks’ clothing and fashions have developed from the aesthetics of Victorian-era fiction modifying utilitarian objects into a pseudo-Victorian mechanical style.

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Autumn comes to Caderdale

The autumn colours are looking good this year in Calderdale. This image was taken less than 10 minutes walk from my house in Nutclough Wood.

Yorkshire 2679-Edit

Normality returns

Or what passes for normality in this part of the world! After the success of Open Studios (thanks to everyone who came) I went back into the "Lightroom" to revisit some pictures that needed to be re-worked. This was taken in Hurst Castle in Hampshire.

Hants 0036_HDR